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Get answers to some of our most common questions

  • Why choose RHM Building Innovations?
    RHM has a hands-on, friendly team offering great quality products & services to all of our clients. With over 40 years of experience in the building industry, we can build a wide range of steel buildings including patios, gazebos, workshops, garages, sheds, awnings, carports, machinery sheds, stables & even rumpus rooms. We specialise in custom jobs, where we excel at designing and building your dream structure to meet your requirements. We are not just another off-the-shelf shed supplier and can match any quotation of equal design & quality. For your convenience we are happy to organise all stages of your development project, including Council permits, Earthworks, Concreting, Plumbing, Electrical, Supply and Install of buildings & tanks. RHM is your reliable local shed builder. Many of our clients have been with us for years & we are thankful for the referrals that they provide.
  • I have an odd shaped area, can you cover it?
    Absolutely! We specialise in custom built steel structures and are happy to design a structure to suit your space.
  • Do I need council approval?
    Any structure over 10 sq.m will require council approval. Luckily, we can handle that for you! We use our own private certifier (who was so impressed with our sheds that he wanted one for himself too). A Private Certifier keeps up to date with all the laws and regulations within the construction industry, and submits the build application to council for assessment. Standard council applications can take up to 20 working business days for the Decision Notice to be issued to us. Alternatively, if you would prefer, you can handle the council application yourself.
  • What is QBCC and do I need it?
    QBCC is short for Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Most residential building work in Queensland valued over $3,300 (including labour and materials) must have home warranty insurance. As part of the building process, the builder pays a premium to insure the construction. The amount is included as part of your contract, and is paid before work begins. It may protect you where: A licensed builder does not complete the contracted residential construction work and you have terminated the contract The contractor fails to rectify defective work The building suffers from subsidence or settlement. For more information, please visit QBCC’s website
  • Can RHM arrange for the concrete slab?
    Yes! We can arrange for your concrete slab for your project. Our structures all come with a slab plan specific to your build. Slab plans are critical and must always be read with the structures engineering documents to ensure full structural integrity. Slab plans set out the location of footings, shows all dimensions, bolt or strap orientation, centre lines, door recesses & other important information. If you would prefer to arrange for your own concreting, please make sure you use a QBCC licensed concreter. On the completion of your slab, we will need a copy of the Form 16 from your concreter.
  • What type of material do you use?
    We use 100% Australian steel from Bluescope Lysaght. When you buy Australian steel, you can count on a superior quality product. Lysaght steel is extensively performance tested, which is important in Australia’s harsh climate, and is backed up by the BlueScope Material Performance Warranty. Follow the below links to view colour and sheet designs for inspiration for your project
  • How long does a project take?
    This is a simple question with multiple answers. No two projects are alike. Completion times vary depending on how big your project is and what is involved. We can advise from the beginning how long we would estimate your project will take once we know all the elements we need to bring together to create your project. If you’ve made the decision to get a steel structure with RHM Building Innovations, we keep you updated throughout your whole project to let you know how each stage is progressing. PLEASE NOTE: The COVID 19 Pandemic has put a strain on the construction industry. Supply and Demand is still having an affect on our lead and construction times. Unfortunatley this is an issue faced by most industries at this time. Supply issues are out of our control, however at RHM, we promise to keep commuicating with our customers should there be any changes or delays to their project.
  • What are the steps to getting my structure built?
    Contract So, you have your quotation, and you’re now ready to proceed to the next stage – signing a Contract. Let us know, and we will arrange with you a final check and measure to ensure nothing has been missed. We don’t like costly surprises, and we’re sure you don’t either. Our staff will then prepare a Contract for you. Your contract will include a Scope of Works pack, which details what your project involves, such as colour confirmation, a Site Plan (if required) & any other relevant documentation specific to you. We also include a Payment Schedule, to advise how much is due at each stage. To secure your contract, we also need a deposit. It’s important that you review everything in your contract, but not to worry if there is something that you want to add in later, like extra roof insulation or another window, as we can always add that in at your request. When we have the signed contract, we will then prepare for the following, if applicable. Council Application If you have opted to get council approval (We recommend this to save yourself some hassle), RHM can handle your council application, or alternatively you can arrange for this yourself. Once we have received the build approval from council, we can then proceed to the next stage. Earthworks & Concrete Slab If we are arranging for your earthworks and concrete slab, our concreter will be in touch with you to arrange a suitable time to come to your site and prepare your area. Our Slab plans are designed and must be read in conjunction with engineering to ensure structural integrity. If you are arranging for your own concrete, we will provide you with your slab plan. Please note that if you have concreting that will be joining up to your existing house slab, termite protection is mandatory. Kit Material Ordering An order will be placed for your kit materials. Our supplier will notify us of a confirmed delivery date, and we will be in touch to advise. During the time that we wait for your kit materials to be delivered is when we arrange to have your earthworks and concrete completed. Installation Now for the real excitement, the installation of your structure! We always aim to install around the time your kit materials have been delivered. As we get closer to your delivery date, we will be in touch to let you know when we have scheduled in your installation, & can advise how long we estimate the building time to be. Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather. If there is rain we may be delayed and will let you when we can return to your site. Once installation has finished, it is important to connect your storm-water. If you have received council approval, a final inspection by the private certifier is required to finalise your council approval.
  • How do I select and prepare a site for a steel building?
    Selecting a site for a steel building is as important as the building itself. Siting over or near a sewer line, near boundaries or by being too large for the sitecan cause delays to approvals and additional costs. Avoid building on a water course, on uncompacted fill or in a slip area. A good building site should be level and clear of large rocks or old stumps. Vegetation must be removed and the site formed into a slight crest so water runs away from the construction area in all directions. It is much easier and more economical to do this before any assembly work begins. With larger steel buildings and sheds, it is always a good idea to arrange for a soiltest of the site. This not only highlights any unseen problems that might exist, butalso helps with the design of footings. A soil test is considered mandatory for very large or high buildings.
  • Can you supply kits only?
    Yes! We are happy to design your steel structure and supply you with the kit materials. We can arrange for the kit to be delivered to your site, or alternatively you can collect the materials if you have the appropriate transport. All our structures are engineered, and a copy of this will be supplied to you. Bill of Materials (BOM) The BOM is a critical document and contains a list of all the components that make up the building. A BOM will be supplied to you with your kit materials. It will show sizes for many components to help identify them. This can be useful when sorting and preparing items prior to construction. All building component quantities should be checked against the BOM as soon as possible after delivery and before commencing any assembly work. NO damage or shortage claims will be accepted later than 7 days from the delivery date.
  • I already have a steel kit, can RHM erect it?
    We can! Send us through a copy of the BOM (Bill of Materials), Engineering, Elevations and the steel structure’s specific information via our email: Our Estimator would be happy to review and quote on the installation of your steel structure

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